Allied Members

You don’t have to be an architect to be involved in AIA Chesapeake Bay.  Become an Allied Professional Member of the AIA Chesapeake Bay Chapter.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional society for architects.  The AIA Chesapeake Bay Allied Professional membership promotes communication among all members of the architectural community.  It provides architects and allied professionals the opportunity to network, get to know one another, and share ideas and challenges as a team.


What Is An Allied Professional Member?

Allied Professional Members are those outside traditional architecture practice but involved in positions allied to the field. They have an established professional reputation and include engineers, planners, landscape architects, and those involved in manufacturing or industry.  Allied Members also include those employed by firms in the construction industry who are engaged in research, design, development, testing, manufacturing, distribution, or training.  Individuals must not be eligible otherwise for membership in the AIA Chesapeake Bay chapter.


Why should I join?

As an AIA Chesapeake Bay Allied Professional member, you are in a unique position to enjoy, contribute to, and benefit from the continuing development in the Annapolis, Eastern Shore and Southern Maryland areas. An Allied Membership will allow you to:

  • show your support for the profession

  • have access to information and insight not available elsewhere

  • participate in networking opportunities exclusively for members

  • help shape architecture and the built environment

  • be connected to an influential global organization

  • help promote and sustain industry standards and best practices

  • have access to qualified leads and targeted marketing with member mailings

  • promote your business through sponsorship at chapter events

  • gain valuable exposure through the chapter’s social media sites, website, and newsletters



AIA Chesapeake Bay Chapter — 86 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401 410.268.3534