The following committees are active in the AIA Chesapeake Bay at this time. Additional participation is welcome. If you are interested, please contact the committee Chair.

Design Awards Committee

The Design Awards Committee promotes and recognizes architectural excellence in the Chesapeake Bay region by holding a design competition each year. The committee solicits entries from all Chapter architects. The participants compose a graphic and written presentation of their project, which is then reviewed by a jury. Typically, the jury consists of award-winning architects from neighboring chapters. The Design Awards Committee facilitates the establishment of the jury and collection of the projects. Winners are recognized at the Design Gala and Annual Meeting in December.

Committee chaired by Vice President. Looking for volunteers to fill out the committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Chapter officers: the President, Vice President/ President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. The officers serve a term of one year, coinciding with the calendar year.

Web Site Committee

The Web Site Committee manages and prepares information for inclusion on the chapter’s website,

Looking for volunteers to fill out the committee.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee coordinates presentations, venues, educational credits, and content for all educational programs, tours, and special events run by the chapter. The Committee also assists with set-up and break-down for events, welcoming members, and communication with both chapter members and Allied Members and Sponsors.

Committee chaired by Executive Director. Looking for volunteers to fill out the committee.

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